Petra's Letter's Escape Room

Petra's Letter's Escape Room
Play Instructions

Greetings, intrepid explorers,

You have been selected to collaborate with the South Texas Archives at Kingsville to unravel a captivating mystery. A collection of letters tied to the family of Petra Vela has recently been unearthed. Petra Vela, alongside Mifflin Kenedy, established one of the most influential ranching empires in the region. Their impact was so profound that, without them, Richard King might never have come to the area, and the legendary King Ranch as we know it might not exist.

Your task is to review a collection of letters. Each was cataloged to solve Petra’s cylinder puzzle. She mentioned that to uncover her gold coins, given to her upon marrying Mifflin Kenedy, one must read between the lines and grasp the essence of each letter. It is up to you to decipher the true meaning behind each one. Identify a single keyword that captures the essence of each of Petra’s written letters and use those words to decrypt the cipher cylinder.

Hint: Consider the message the writer was trying to communicate, and the language used. What is the overall theme of the message encapsulated in one word? The cylinder, alongside other items referenced in the letters, was bequeathed to her by her father. These might provide some more insights combined with the written letters.

The list of Petra's items includes:

Cipher Cylinder: A mysterious item unlocked using the first letters of the keywords from each Vela family letter.

A Wooden Cross: Passed down to Petra by her father.

An Old Compass: Bestowed upon Petra during her first travels.

An Old Map of Texas and Mexico: This can aid you in visualizing the landscape of Petra's time and pinpointing her birthplace in Mexico.

Petra's Jewelry Box: Believed to hold the gold coins. You will need to find a key to open it.

The archivists who discovered the written letters have already cataloged them, indicated by numbers and a theme at the top of each document. However, pinpointing the correct keywords requires a breadth of multicultural knowledge.

Another layer of complexity: the letters are penned in cursive, some in Spanish.

Take notes separately, please do not write on Petra’s letters or translations. Do not share your notes or results with other participants outside your group to keep the game challenging.

Good luck and may the spirit of Petra Vela guide you in this historical treasure hunt!