About Gerry

Gerry Pedraza, currently serving as the Associate Director for Learning Design at Texas A&M University, plays a crucial role in the intersection of technology and education. In his position, Pedraza focuses on innovative projects, particularly in online education, reflecting his deep commitment to enhancing digital learning experiences. His expertise is evident in the development of Transcriptto, an AI-integrated tool designed to convert video lectures into polished versions of the initial delivery and educational materials like quizzes and PowerPoint slides, using Python and OpenAI's APIs. This innovation significantly streamlines content creation for online teaching, improving both the speed at which faculty can transition to teach online and the learning experience for students.

He is currently pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Education from Texas A&M University @ Kingsville, where his area of focus is Instructional Technology. His previous academic background includes a Master of Arts degree, and an undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Multimedia, aligning with his professional focus on instructional design and technology, online education, blended learning, multimedia production, and project management. His work and research in these areas have led to notable contributions, including presentations on enhancing student engagement and learning through online simulations.

Pedraza's role at Texas A&M and his involvement in projects like Transcriptto underscore his forward-thinking approach and dedication to evolving the educational landscape. Through his work, he continues to influence and reshape the way digital learning is perceived and implemented in academic settings.